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Apr 12
Supplementing Data Security Requirements

The existing ACH Security Framework including its data protection requirements will be supplemented to explicitly require large, non-FI Originators, Third-Party Service Providers (TPSPs) and Third-Party Senders (TPSs) to protect deposit account information by rendering it unreadable when it is stored electronically.

Nov 2
Expanding Same Day ACH

This new rule expands access to Same Day ACH by allowing Same Day ACH transactions to be submitted to the ACH Network for an additional two hours every business day. The new Same Day ACH processing window will go into effect on March 19, 2021.

Sep 23
Supplementing Fraud Detection Standards for WEB Debits

The effective date for an upcoming change in the Nacha Operating Rules is being extended by the Nacha Board of Directors. The WEB Debit Account Validation Rule now takes effect March 19, 2021, rather than Jan. 1, 2020. The rule was originally approved by Nacha members in November 2018. The Nacha Board of Directors approved the extension in effective date to allow for additional time, education and guidance to be provided to the industry. 

Sep 23
ACH Contact Registry

This is the date by which a Participating DFI must have completed its registration. Learn more.

Feb 27
Minor Rule Changes

On November 2, 2018 NACHA approved nine amendments to the NACHA Operating Rules. These changes are broken out into three main categories: ACH Quality and Risk Management Topics, ACH Rules Compliance Audit Requirements and Minor Rule Changes.


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