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With all the changes, challenges, and opportunities the payments industry has to offer, effective knowledge and understanding are needed now more than ever. Whether you're looking to build proficiency in payment-related functions, implement strategic changes in your organization, develop leadership skills, or learn how to lead and grow payments teams for the future, our programs are specifically designed to provide the tools and knowledge needed to help maximize your impact.

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NEACH U offers eleven certificate programs spanning various facets of the payments industry. You’ll learn from the finest experts in the field, who impart their invaluable wisdom, experience, and network. Which means your journey doesn’t end in the classroom; it forges a lifelong connection to a community of payments professionals that makes your experience truly exceptional. Embrace an extensive array of subjects across all program levels and commence your journey towards obtaining your NEACH U certificate. 

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Our flexible, online programs are designed to bring the NEACH U classroom to you, and are built around three key characteristics:

Real-World Application

The NEACH U curriculum centers its approach on real-world application, ensuring students gain practical skills and knowledge directly relevant to their future/current careers. By focusing on industry-specific scenarios, NEACH U fosters career readiness. This emphasis on real-world applicability equips learners with the tools, insights, and expertise needed to be competent and well-prepared professionals in their respective careers.


NEACH U's curriculum, developed by leading payments experts, follows the latest online adult education standards. With input from practitioners in the field, it offers a dynamic, practical, and up-to-date learning experience, ensuring students gain relevant skills for success in the evolving payments industry.


NEACH U offers more than education; it connects you to a nationwide community of payments professionals. Through networking and peer-driven learning, students collaborate, learn from experts, and build lasting connections. This dynamic community enriches education, provides mentorship opportunities, and keeps you updated on industry trends, fostering a robust network for your career growth.

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Deepen your expertise through professional development from any of NEACH U's eleven schools: Accreditation, Business Education, Compliance, Daily Operations (Beginner and Advanced); General Payments, Payments Management, Payments Modernization, Payments Strategy, Retail Banking, Risk Management, and Treasury Management. 

Engage with NEACH U faculty in online courses. Grow as a leader and gain critical insights into various areas of payments—or access resources to earn professional certifications. Download a course catalog to learn more about each School of Study. 

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