Rule Changes

Micro-Entries (Phase 2)

Effective Date - March 17, 2023

The Micro-Entry Rule defines and standardizes practice and formatting of Micro-Entries, which are used by some ACH Originators as a method of account validation. Phase 2 of this Rule will be effective March 17,...
Third-Party Sender Roles and Responsibilities

Effective Date - September 30, 2022

This Rule clarifies the roles and responsibilities of Third-Party Senders (TPS) in the ACH Network by addressing the existing practice of Nested Third-Party Sender relationships, and making explicit and clarifying the...

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Dive into the February 2024 Innovating Payments Executive Summary— The Future of Banking.

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Wrestling Payments is a podcast for professionals at banks, credit unions, and FinTechs responsible for managing ACH and payment operations. Let's get into it!

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The NEACH Fraud Committee's collective perspectives and experiences, augmented by industry research, shaped the content reflected in this glossary.

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