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Published on Friday, February 4, 2022

NEACH’s Quarterly Regulatory and Fraud Reviews: Why Attend and What to Expect

What a wild ride these past few years have been! From explosive growth in the use of payments apps like Venmo and Zelle® to our first new rail in 40 years with RTP® and FedNow(SM) following not far behind, to the increasing interest in cryptocurrency, we have witnessed a dynamic shift in the payments industry.


At NEACH, we recognize that with this pace of change, we need to offer not only pre-planned education, but also identify avenues where we can respond to the latest issues. From that concept, our Quarterly Regulatory and Fraud Reviews were born.


I recently sat down with Rayleen Pirnie, BCJ, AAP, CERP, NEACH’s Director, Risk & Fraud and the brainchild behind these new reviews, to discuss the programs, why they were established, what they bring to our members, and what to expect from the first sessions on February 9 (2022’s first Quarterly Regulatory Review) and March 18 (the first-ever Quarterly Fraud Review).


I know the changing landscape is what prompted you to consider these quarterly reviews, but why now? What makes this the right time to introduce these programs?


Pirnie: We first held the Quarterly Regulatory Reviews in 2021, but as the industry continues to shift, they are more important than ever. Regulations change so quickly that attempting to identify what we will need to be discussing six months from now is tough. Creating these quarterly reviews gives us the flexibility to talk about what’s hot and plug into content that is meaningful in the moment. Through conversations and guest speakers, these reviews will bring meaningful, actionable ideas to our members who are working to address new issues daily.


We also recognized a need for a counterpart session on fraud issues to help our members keep abreast of emerging threats. I’m a big believer in offering substance when it comes to fraud, not just sharing the latest worrisome scheme. These reviews won’t just be headline news; we will offer actionable items that support an FI’s or business’ needs, helping them to identify resources, relevant contacts, and beyond.


Action plans and tangible solutions sound like they are an important part of these programs. What specifically can we expect to be topics for this year’s first Quarterly Regulatory Review on February 9?


Pirnie: It’s the beginning of the year, so we’re going to focus on what we see as the regulators’ priorities at this moment. For example, the Computer Security Incident Notification Rule goes into effect on April 1; Regulation B has some important changes being evaluated; and cryptocurrency is in widespread regulatory consideration right now, to name just a few.


Overall, we’re really focused on the requirements compliance-wise of any topic, the practical applications. We plan to assemble resources to help frame what these rules might look like internally and what FIs should be considering. Overall, the goal of the session is to go beyond what the rule says into how it affects individual FI environments.


What about this year’s first Quarterly Fraud Review on March 18? What topics may surface there?


Pirnie: We are going to focus on case studies. Members repeatedly have told me that we need more case studies to help them to work through real-world examples of different scenarios, so that will be a key piece of our discussions. In terms of specific topic areas, we’re going to manage things a little differently than with the Regulatory Review, because we have our Fraud Committee to help drive the agenda.


For example, at the committee level, we’ve been discussing the issues we’ve seen with postal check fraud, and that will be a topic of discussion in March. We will talk through liability, investigative strategy, and explore how you handle an account that has been subject to fraud. Our goal is to have a 15-minute set-up, offer a case study, and then conduct a roundtable discussion of what’s been effective in preventing against this kind of fraud and/or recognizing it when it’s happening. As with the Regulatory Review, we want these sessions to be interactive and engaging, as well as helpful.


These topics are ones we’ve been hearing about from members, so I’m sure many will be interested, but what about if members have conflicts with the date or time? Can they view the sessions later?


Pirnie: We encourage as much live participation as possible to allow true engagement and dialogue, so, unfortunately, they are not available on-demand following the live event. In addition, if members register for the quarterly package of all four events by the day of the first session, they receive the biggest benefits, gaining access to all four sessions for $650, which is a 35% discount.


Good to know! We want our members to be able to take advantage of the best possible pricing. As we wrap up our discussion today, do you have any concluding thoughts you’d like to share?


Pirnie: Just join us! We’re hearing members like to explore current topics, because it helps them in being more proactive about preparing for what’s happening today. These sessions are intended to be a timely summary of need-to-know information and are an effective way to get up to speed quickly.


For more information or to register for these quarterly review sessions, visit


Quarterly Regulatory Review

Scheduled Live Session Dates

Wednesday, February 09, 10-11:30 a.m. ET

Wednesday, May 11, 10-11:30 a.m. ET

Wednesday, August 24, 10-11:30 a.m. ET

Wednesday, October 12, 10-11:30 a.m. ET


Sign up by February 9 to access all four sessions for only $650, providing a total of up to 7.2 AAP/APRP/NCP CEUs.


Quarterly Fraud Review

Scheduled Live Session Dates

Friday, March 18, 10-11:30 a.m. ET

Friday, June 17, 10-11:30 a.m. ET

Friday, September 16, 10-11:30 a.m. ET

Friday, November 04, 10-11:30 a.m. ET


Sign up by March 18 to access all four sessions for only $650, providing a total of up to 7.2 AAP/APRP/NCP CEUs.





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