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ACH Rules Compliance Audit Requirement

Effective on January 1, 2019


On November 2, 2018 NACHA approved nine amendments to the NACHA Operating Rules. These changes are broken out into three main categories: ACH Quality and Risk Management Topics, ACH Rules Compliance Audit Requirements and Minor Rule Changes.

Effective January 1, 2019

NACHA consolidated all requirements for the annual rule’s compliance audit into one section of the NACHA Operating Rules Book. Currently the obligation to conduct an audit is located in Article One and the details pertaining to the audit obligation are located within Appendix Eight. This rule change does not change the requirement to complete the audit annually by December 31st.

Unfortunately, this change was not approved until after the 2019 NACHA Operating Rules Books were printed. Going forward in 2020 and beyond Appendix Eight will be removed from the Operating Rules.

This change does not remove the obligation to perform an annual ACH Compliance Audit. This modification to the Operating Rules was enacted to consolidate the audit requirements into one section.




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