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Industry Alerts

Industry Alerts provides member financial institutions with critical information; such as changes to the NACHA Operating Rules, Requests for Comment, notices from Treasury, NEACH cancellations, and other important and often time-sensitive information. This is a members-only resource. Login for access.  


ALERT: Members Receiving Duplicate Medicare Debits

September 20, 2019


Members Receiving Duplicate Medicare Debits

TO: NEACH Member Financial Institutions

Please share this information with all departments that process ACH and Check Transactions within your financial institution. This alert is provided for information purposes as part of NEACH's member services.
Your membership in NEACH helps support NEACH advocacy initiatives at the national level.  


Issued By: NEACH 

Source of Information: Financial institutions 

Scope of Impact: Nationwide 

Type of Alert: Duplicate Medicare Debits

Statement of Issue: Numerous NEACH member financial institutions are reporting having received duplicate Debit Entries from Medicare. The Company Name on these Entries is CMSMEdicare. In one report, the account holder was debited for $135.50 twice. Medicare confirmed that it did send out a file twice, in error.

Instructions: Members have limited specific actions that are allowed based on timing of the returns: 
1) Members may return the second debit as a Duplicate, R24. Medicare will then review the returns next week, and send reversals for any Entries not returned by financial institutions.




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