Pro Series


NEACH’s Pro™ Series has helped hundreds of payments professionals master accreditation exam topics.


What is the Pro™ Series

These self-paced, computer-based training programs have been uniquely developed to increase your knowledge of the ACH Network, Checks, and Payments Risk. Use these interactive resources to evaluate your level of subject-matter expertise, identify areas that may require additional development, and make your training program fun!

Learning Made Fun!

Organized around a game board, you can play a practice game - winning game money and getting coached along the way with feedback on your answers or play in Test Mode.

Test Mode includes a timed test where you will complete all the questions and receive a score rating your performance in each exam category. The test is all multiple-choice, and you will complete a “blacken the dot” form as you answer questions, just like in a real standardized test situation.

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