Quarterly Prize Drawing



At the end of every year, NEACH’s education team:

• Carefully reviews every post-session evaluation submitted,
• Combs through hundreds of member calls made to the Payments Hotline (855-NEACH-QA), identifying trends,
• Outlines all industry Rules and Regulations set to impact NEACH members over the next year+, and

With the results, the team creates the NEACH Education Program.

So much of what we offer throughout the year is directly influenced by your feedback.

We appreciate that feedback so much that we are giving away exciting prizes at the end of every quarter to say thank you. Each quarter, for every session evaluation you submit, you’ll earn one entry into a quarterly drawing to win one of the exciting prizes below. Check out these incredible prizes.


Entries are earned through the completion of NEACH session evaluation.
Evaluations can be completed in any quarter, with entries added to the next quarterly drawing. 
An individual who wins in one quarterly drawing is eligible to win in subsequent quarterly drawings. 
Prizes are only offered in the select quarter outlined above.
If prize exceeds the alloted value for acceptance dictated by your organization, the winner is able to decline the prize. No additional drawings will be made for that quarter.