Compliance for ACH

About the Certificate

Designed for personnel to gain exposure and knowledge of ACH compliance, this certificate provides insight into the complex aspects of the ACH Network, such as the importance of Risk Assessments, exception handling, reclamations, BSA and AML as it relates to ACH. To earn this certificate, ten (10) credits must be earned and an evaluation submitted for each course attended.

Why Complete a NEACH ACH Certificate?

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of ACH Rules, regulations and processes; 
  • Strengthen skills to effectively handle payments risk with a deeper understanding of the ACH Network;
  • Prepare for NACHA certification as an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) and Accredited Payments Risk  Professional (APRP); 
  • Demonstrate to employers higher level of payments expertise.


  • ACH Exception Handling for ODFIs (1 credit)
  • RDFI Exceptions 201 (1 credit)
  • Common Audit Issues in New England (1 credit)
  • Compliance Day (2 credits)
  • Reclamations: Commercial vs. Government (1 credit)
  • Short, Short Version of the Green Book (1 credit)
  • BSA/AML: What’s Hot in Payments 2021 (1 credit)
  • ACH Audit Requirements, Are you Ready? (2 credits)
  • Reversals and Your Role in Them (1 credit)
  • ACH File Formats (Bits and Bytes) (1 credit)
  • It’s in Your Procedures, but Does it Comply with the Nacha Rules? (1 credit)
  • Third-Party Sender Audits: What, Why, When! (1 credit)
  • What Code Do I Use? CIE, WEB, P2P? (1 credit) 

Requirements & Instructions

This certificate requires the completion of ten (10) credits from the NEACH Education Program. Upon completion of each course, an on-line evaluation must be completed to verify participation. Successful completion of each evaluation is required to receive a NEACH Certificate. Participants have two years from the start date to complete certificate requirements.

Cost of Registration

Each NEACH ACH Certificate Program costs:

  • $100 Administration Fee*
  • $225 Per Course (Members)
  • $150 Per Course Education Club Pricing**


More Information

For more information, please contact:

Sandy Ortins, AAP, APRP, NCP
Senior Vice President, Operations

*Please note that the access information will be sent to you in a separate email upon receipt of payment.  Access information and support are only provided during normal business hours.
** One-time Administration Fee.  The NEACH Education Club provides members with the best value in payments education for a fraction of the cost. Mix and match ten events, annually, for $1,500.
*** Upon completion you will receive a digital Certificate of Completion. If you do not receive this certificate, please contact NEACH at