Accredited ACH Professional (AAP)

Demonstrate Your Abilities as an ACH Expert

Your accreditation as an ACH Professional both propels your business forward and provides you with recognition throughout the payments industry. An Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) is an individual who has comprehensive knowledge of all areas of ACH, a deep understanding of and experience in one or more specific ACH subjects, and a broad knowledge of concepts that relate to the payments system as a whole.

Benefits of Becoming an Accredited ACH Professional

Earning your credentials as an AAP has a wide array of benefits. As an individual, your accreditation demonstrates to your employer that you’re committed to the profession, which can provide opportunities for personal career growth. It also helps your company, since financial regulators and examiners regularly look at the number of AAPs on staff. Often, regulators recognize a financial institution with AAPs on staff as a sign that the institution is committed to risk management and regulatory compliance.

Become an AAP

Whether you are contemplating taking the AAP exam or are already registered for the exam, NEACH's AAP training programs will help reinforce what you've already studied in preparing for the AAP exam. In addition to the core knowledge you gain from educational sessions, NEACH hosts two test preparation programs: AAP Training On-Demand and AAP Boot Camp. For those prefering a gradual introduction to content or for those needing a high-impact, face-to-face, NEACH has the program you need. Members - save $300 when registering for both the AAP Training On-Demand and AAP Boot Camp.

Maintain Your AAP Accreditation

As an Accredited ACH Professional, you’re required to maintain your status by earning 60 Continuing Education credits within the five-year accreditation period, with no more than 20 credits completed per year. Many of NEACH's webinars, workshops, on-demands, and Conferences are eligible for AAP continuing education credits. 

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AAP Training On-Demand
AAP Boot Camp 
AAP Boot Camp and AAP On-Demand Bundle

Training Dates

NEACH AAP on-demand training runs from June to October, while the AAP Boot Camp is held in September.

Member Training Costs 

On-Demand - $650.00
Boot Camp - $850.00
Both On-Demand & Boot Camp - $1,200

Training Resources

AAP Test Prep Bundle

Accreditation Topic Areas

General Payments Overview
Risk Management
Rules & Regulations
Operational Process and Flow
Technical Standards and Format

Accreditation Test Window

2023 Test Window

Monday, Oct 2 - Saturday, Oct 28, 2023 

AAP Exam Registration Fees and Key Dates

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