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Welcome to the Compliance Month Resource Center. We'll be updating this page regularly with new compliance content leading up to, and throughout, the month of July. Each week we'll be adding new articles, tips, columns and professional development opportunities on compliance issues specific to payments. Bookmark this page and check back often for weekly updates.


Marijuana: Not Going to Bank It? Think Again!

NEACH is thrilled to welcome Nancy E. Lake, CAMS-Audit, CAMS-FCI, Director of Compliance Anchor as a guest blogger for Compliance Month. Complementing the information released in the previous blog "Banking Marijuana: Do You Go There?", Nancy lays out what steps you should take to address marijuana in your institution. Read the full blog.

Beneficial Ownership: Two Months Out

NEACH is thrilled to welcome Nancy E. Lake, CAMS-Audit, CAMS-FCI, Director of Compliance Anchor as a guest blogger for Compliance Month. Read Nancy's insights on Beneficial Ownership and steps you should take to prepare yourself and your institution. Read the full blog.


Fraud Fact Booklet - FREE

Fraud schemes such as business email compromise and vendor impersonation target legitimate businesses. There also is a significant amount of information and resources available to help companies protect against this, including from the FBI. While these threats are not about a direct compromise of the ACH Network or other payment systems, they exploit vulnerabilities or gaps in processes or procedures. Check out Protecting Against Fraud: How To Spot and Prevent Fraud Schemes NACHA's Current Fraud Threats Resource Center to help you spot and protect against fraud.


What I personally think makes Compliance Day worth the time invested is meeting your peers who will help you expand your knowledge. Being able to discuss vital aspects of the industry with people who have shared experiences and insight that is mutually-beneficial and practically impactful. Read the full recap.



Currently, 46 states have laws allowing or decriminalizing marijuana or marijuana-based products. However, while these states have legalized some aspects of marijuana, it's still illegal at the federal level-which creates a conundrum when talking about banking. Read this article for key recommendations and register for the Banking the Marijuana Industry in New England replay on-demand for a deeper dive on this topic. 



Professional development is a critical component of compliance. NEACH has released free, on-demand training courses to help maximize resources. The Informational series challenges you to solve payments problems and review important risk management topics by payments channel, while the Foundational series aims at providing a basic foundation in the payments systems, risk management, rules, regulations, and more. 



You're most likely not thinking about Excused Delay today but this handy inforgraphic acts as a short cheat sheet you might want in the future. Download the graphic today for a definition of Excused Delay, a review of the basics, burden of proof considerations, as well as three things to document according to the NACHA Operating Guidelines.


Sandy Ortins, Vice President, Education at NEACH shares what NEACH members should expect leading up to, and throughout, Compliance Month, as well as why compliance is so important to NEACH that we’ve dedicated a month to the topic. Read the full interview.


Looking for insight on how to comply with NACHA Operating Rules; Federal Regulations D, E, GG; UCC 4A; OFAC; Same Day ACH Phase 2 and Third-Party Sender Registration? Join us for one of our Compliance Day Workshops (MA // RI // NH)



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