All attendees are eligible to attend the pre-conference workshops for FREE!

Core Concepts to Payments Pre-Conference Workshop
Speaker: Sandy Ortins
Join us in the audience guided tour of all the payment channels. This session will review the risk, rewards and the players in the payments arena. Ideally designed for anyone who needs a refresher on the payment channels or just needs to get a further understanding of payments. For those attending the conference, we will also have an opportunity to review and align the sessions to your interests and provide a deep dive into the offerings of the following 2 days. 

The Building Blocks of Faster Payments Pre-Conference Workshop 
Speaker(s): Joe Casali & Mark Dixon
Join us in the high-level overview of the building blocks of faster payments. Are you new to terms such as APIs, Distributed Ledger, Tokenization, Payment Directories and ISO 20022? This session will provide a thirty-thousand-foot view of these topics and discuss how they may relate to payments, cross channel risk, settlement and financial institution decisions around Faster Payments Strategy. This session will prepare you to engage in the topics covered at the Payments Management Conference.



Fighting Fraud: What’s Ahead from the Federal Reserve in Payments Security
Speaker: Jim Cunha
Today’s highly-interconnected and digitized financial environment has spawned a multitude of new strategies for fraudsters. In the face of these growing challenges, the commitment to improve payment security is motivating public and private sector action and collaboration to address key issues. In this session, a Federal Reserve executive will discuss ongoing work efforts to address payments security risks including a campaign to promote industry adoption of the Fraud Classification Model and efforts to counter synthetic identity payments fraud. Take advantage of this opportunity to hear about the Fed’s 2020 focus to educate, collaborate and engage with the industry to combat emerging payments security threats, and how your organization can improve its own defense.


The Funny Thing About Stress
Speaker: Kay Frances
We all know that we should manage our stress, but we don’t necessarily know why or how! It’s Kay Frances to the STRESS-cue! She literally wrote the book on stress! With this energetic, upbeat presentation, attendees laugh while they learn without straining their brains.


In our frenzied world, people need to be reminded of the importance of managing their stress, keeping a sense of humor and maintaining a positive attitude for peak performance and success in all areas of their lives. The so-called “little things” in life can become cumulative if we don’t stop them in their tracks. We need to manage our stress before it manages us! We also need to remember that change is an inevitable part of life, but how we choose to view it is up to us!


Not only will attendees get solid information on wellness and stress management, but they’ll leave this session motivated, energized and ready to take on their challenges with renewed vigor. Their stress levels will thank them!


State of the Union
Speaker: Debbie Barr

In this session, Debbie Barr will provide a look at the state of the ACH Network in the year 2020.  She will discuss volume and use-case trends for both the ACH Network as a whole and for Same Day ACH; describe new Nacha rules initiatives; and identify current trends in ACH risk management and fraud prevention.   The session will also give a preview of ongoing and upcoming Nacha initiatives to further develop the capabilities of the ACH Network.


A Tale of Three Reversals
Speaker: Debbie Barr
Within just a few short weeks in the fall of 2019 the ACH Network experienced three situations that started discussions of reversals across the industry. In one situation reversals were used that should not have been, in the second situation reversals were not used but should have been, and in the third situation reversals saved the day.

This session’s presenter will walk the audience through each of the situations and explain what was done right, what could have been done better, and how the decisions made by participants impacted others throughout the Network.


Check Disputes From A to U
Speaker: Angie Smith
An accountholder just notified you that a check has cleared their account and the person they wrote the check to is stating they never received it; what's a financial institution to do? Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a check dispute? Do I return the check; do I submit an adjustment; do I have to deal direct or do I even have recourse? Join us as we look at various check disputes from Alterations to Unauthorized Remotely Created Checks  (A through U) and provide guidance on how to properly handle these claims and understanding the dispute process; such as asking the right questions of your accountholders and obtaining the necessary documentation to complete an adjustment or deal direct claim.

Faster Payments Play Book
Speaker: Joe Casali
How will your institution prepare to address the challenges and opportunities of Faster Payments and Payment Modernization? Nacha and the Faster Payments Council have jointly produced resources for Financial Institutions to develop their Payments Strategy. Bring your questions as this session will review the tools and uncover additional considerations to aid in building and revising your plans.

Fraud: 2020 and Beyond
Speaker: Rayleen Pirnie
"Scams are once again evolving and fraudsters are employing new techniques and new technology to overpower many current security strategies. In an effort to curb fraud, the CFPB and Regulators are focusing on FI handling of fraud claims and evaluating FI education efforts. It’s time to prepare for the newest wave of fraud scams and schemes. Rated E for Everyone! In this interactive, fast-paced session, attendees will: Discuss current trends including recent attacks on biometrics controls and new trends in social engineering, Evaluate how the almost constant reports of data breaches affects account security, Record what is working and what is failing in security, with the focus on what to never rely on for authentication and why and Document “homework” that will help you secure your own security environment at home. The session includes a social engineering demo and home security checklist you can use and share internally with account holders. 

Navigating Regulation E: The Electronic Fund Transfers Act
Speaker: Michael Christians
As consumers continue their shift to a nearly all-digital platform for conducting personal financial transactions, a thorough understanding of the requirements of Regulation E is becoming more and more important for financial institutions each day. Join Regulatory Compliance Counsel Michael Christians for a discussion of the following: Transactions subject to the regulation, Required disclosures, notices and statements, Consumer liability for unauthorized transfers, Error resolution procedures; and Fraud scenarios including; goods purchased but not received, missing merchant credits, free trial programs and PIN-based fraud.

Risk in Providing Financial Services to the Cannabis Industry
Speaker: Joseph Silvia
This session will review the quickly evolving state of providing banking and financial services to the cannabis industry, including the state and federal status of various forms of cannabis, including hemp and marijuana. While marijuana and its derivatives remain illegal at the federal level, providing financial services to businesses in the cannabis industry is difficult, if not impossible in some cases. However, with risk comes potential opportunity. With the prospect to become a multi-billion-dollar industry, where might there be opportunities for financial services companies to get involved early while mitigating risks. 

The FBI Says BEC is Number 1
Speaker: Giles Witherspoon-Boyd
The numbers are in and BEC scams accounted for half of the cyber-crime losses in 2019.  Average loss per BEC scam amounted to nearly $75,000, per complaint, on average.  BEC Scams Cost Victims $26B over a Three-Year Period.  Learn how this scam works and steps you can take to educate your team and your clients.