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ACH Risk Assessment Workbook CD- updated 2017

The ACH Risk Assessment Workbook is designed to assist Financial Institutions, both RDFIs and ODFIs, in addressing ACH risk. Content of the Workbook includes risk criteria as defined in the OCC 2006-39-ACH Risk Management Guidance, the FFIEC Retail Payment Systems IT Examination Handbook and the FFIEC updated guidance to Internet Banking to help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your existing ACH risk management program. Individual chapters address System and Controls, Credit Risk, High-Risk Activities, Compliance Risk, Third-Party Service Providers and Direct Access to the ACH Operator and Transaction and Information Technology Risk. The ACH Risk Assessment Workbook guides you in completing the step-by-step risk assessment. User-friendly worksheet questions are easily answered Yes/No and include room for comments, along with a designated action plan to assist you in developing a comprehensive risk management program. Compliance officers, audit personnel and operations staff will find the Workbook a valuable tool. (2017)
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ACH Risk Assessment Workbook CD- updated 2017

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