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ACHPro 2017


Also Available Online and for iPad

ACHPro 2017 is a self-paced, computer-based training program developed to increase your knowledge of the ACH. ACHPro has been developed to promote knowledge of the ACH Network. This tool can be used to evaluate your level of expertise of the ACH and related payment systems, and to identify those areas that may require additional development. ACHPro was designed to make learning fun.

Why You Should Purchase ACHPro 2017?
Updated annually to reflect the latest changes in the ACH Network, the program is valuable for ACH professionals, EFT professionals, and new employees alike. Challenge yourself and test your knowledge using ACHPro's game and scorekeeping features or use it to train others new to the ACH.

ACHPro Challenges your knowledge in two ways: Game Mode & Test Mode

ACHPro Game Mode is a fun, interactive program, which tests your skills in six competency areas:
     Payment Systems
     Marketing ACH
     Risk and the ACH
     ACH Rules and Regulations
     ACH Processing
     ACH Technical Requirements

Organized around the game board, you can play the practice game - winning game money and getting coached along the way with feedback to your answers.

In the ACHPro Test Mode timed test, you will complete all the questions and receive a score rating your performance in each category. The test is all multiple-choice, and you will complete a "blacken the dot" form as you answer questions, just like in a real standardized test situation.

So whether you are looking to brush up on your payment systems skills or start a foundation which you can build upon, ACHPro is an essential tool for your professional development.

"I order a new version of the ACHPro CD every time it is updated. I found it to be an indispensable tool when I was preparing for the AAP exam. Now I use the ACHPro CD as a regular training tool to keep up-to-date with the new rules to ensure I understand how the changes impact our ACH business." 

- Gina Daniels, Eastern Bank

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ACHPro 2017

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