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Credit Union's Guide to ACH Origination

Credit Union’s Guide to ACH Origination is designed to assist credit unions with evaluating and implementing ACH origination. Specifically written from a “credit union’s perspective,” this Guide details how to establish and maintain successful ACH origination operations. Whether a credit union is looking to originate loan payments from another financial institution for its members, is considering originating its own Direct Deposit via ACH or wants to offer ACH origination for its business clients, this Guide will serve as a helpful resource. The easy-to-use Guide examines the benefits and risks of origination, explains the preliminary requirements, discusses the responsibilities of the ODFI and addresses implementation concerns regarding the most common ACH payment applications. If your credit union is considering taking the leap into ACH origination, this is a “must have” tool. (EPCOR) (2017)
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Credit Union's Guide to ACH Origination

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